In November 2009 a group of naturalists met at Risley Moss and Cheshire Active Naturalists (CAN) was born.

The aim of the group is to further the understanding and enjoyment of the County’s wildlife through training and recording. The ever increasing membership has amongst its ranks some of the most experienced active naturalists in the county and is proud to support the local records centre, rECOrd, in its quest to collect, validate, and share¬†data for the purpose of conservation. CAN is fortunate to have members that have been involved in the production of the last four County atlases; CAWOS Bird Atlas, Atlas of the Amphibians of Cheshire and Wirral, The Lichen Flora of Cheshire and Wirral, and The Mammals of Cheshire.¬† This will be valuable when CAN embarks on producing its first publication in the near future. CAN community group liability policy #3658491s.