The Bryophytes event led by Mike Gosling proved to be an excellent day at Rocksavage Nature Reserve. On this cold November day we started off with a welcome cup of hot beverage before Mike took us through some general but essential points of moss and liverwort identification. His powerpoint was informative and entertaining; this enthused the members no end and by mid-morning we were chomping at the bit and ready to be let loose on anything green and diminutive.  An hour later and we still hadn’t even left the car park, such was the mossy interest of the tarmac, mortar and grass (moss) verge. After lunch and more warm beverages, kindly supplied by Rocksavage Power Plant, we tackled the main reserve, or at least a portion of it. We could hardly walk a few steps without a new moss or liverwort being discovered, and Mike’s numerous years as a University lecturer showed here as he carefully educated the eager group without overwhelming them. A great day was had by all and I doubt that Mike will be a stranger to the Cheshire Active Naturalists as he thrives on reciprocated enthusiasm and has a lot more to offer.

Mike shows us Mosses on the grass verge

Mike Gosling delivers stimulating lecture

Mike surveys the moss on the car park!