It was glorious sunny day for CAN’s first cranefly event located in the superb facilities at Lower Moss Wood, near Knutsford. Under the expert tutorage of Dr Dave Skingsley, members were taught how to separate the 4 main cranefly families of the 325 UK species. When we had sorted out our short palps from our long palps the group moved onto the complexities of wing venation. This was a fascinating exercise made markedly easier by Dave’s knowledge and his excellent dry collection of flies. However, the lure of 17 acres of cool woodland was persuasive on a hot day and after a quick lunch we ventured out to collect some live specimens to test our new found identification skills. It was a great day and introduced an entirely new area of interesting study for the majority of members. A very big thanks to Ray Jackson and all the staff at the Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital for allowing us to use the educational facilities and woodland.