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Spring On Hold

Two weeks ago Cheshire was ready for the spring awakening; frogspawn had arrived, newt eggs had been found, songbirds were throbbing their sweet melodies and even reports of common pipistrelle bats leaving their roosts to go roaming in the gloaming had reached the welcome ears of naturalists, but alas, winter has arrived again and reminded us all that erratic weather patterns may be a regular feature to our lives now.  Time, and maybe just a short time, will reveal what impacts this instability to our seasons will have on wildlife.


Adder Sighting after Seven Year Absence

A CANARG member visited this site following  the push to find Adder in Cheshire this year.  The site was regarded as still favourable but no Adders were seen. Dave Morris, the National Trust warden was probably the last observer of Adder at this site in 2007 but he hadn’t given up hope that they were still present and sure enough in September 2012 a lady walking at Bickerton observed and then photographed a female Adder as it crossed her path.


Harbour Seal

Harbour Seal hauled out on banks of Mersey at Warrington Weir today (6/1/2012). Managed to get some shots following sighting and update by Rob Smith.

Harbour Seal

What’s That Herp

Just been looking through some pics from Warrington and realised that this herp, that has been living wild and free for years, wasn’t the one I expected it to be…what is it? I’ll tell you on Sun.  Well done Paul Quigley, it is Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta

Candelaria concolor

Whilst doing a reccy for a CAN event Rachel spotted an unusual lichen on a poplar at the Rocksavage reserve in Runcorn. Mike Gosling let out a squeal of delight and confirmed it was Candelaria concolor, a lichen considered to be extremely localised in the county. Jonathan Guest refers to only three sites in his Lichen Flora of Cheshire and Wirral despite two decades of recording.

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