Most of the following questions have been asked by members or potential members so this may be of help…

Can I book on a course now before I join?

No, you must be a member to book on or attend an event.

Can I book on an event on next years calendar even though I’m a member for this year?

No, you must be a member for the time period in which the event is being held. We don’t start taking bookings for the following season until February of the same year.

When can I renew my membership?

Any time.

How do I find out more details about venue, course times, facilities etc; should I email a member of council?

If you are booked onto the course you will receive correspondence regarding course details a week before the event. This will include everything you need to know about the event.

When Does membership run from?

April to March

Do I have to pay for the events?

No, it is included in your membership fee.

Can I have a discount if I join part of the way through the year?

No because our events cost less for the year than most one day courses elsewhere.

Why do you sometimes run an event on a bank holiday?

We often get the best numbers of attendees on Bank Holidays so it obviously suits many of the members.

Do you mind if I bring along my Wife/Husband/Girlfriend/Dog etc

Our constitution and insurance says that all attendees must be members.

Are the three Great Crested Newt sessions the same?

No. The three sessions are different so as the attendees can witness/partake in all methodologies required when GCN surveying.

I’m a trainee consultant and my boss is sending me coz it’s really cheap to join CAN so can I turn up, stand around, text my friends, have a fag and not really get involved?

I imagine you know the answer to that.

On the GCN event, I notice that the morning session runs from 9 – 12 so is that a 15 hour session ending at midnight?

Are you having a Giraffe – no it’s MORNING session so it finishes at noon.

I can’t make all three of the Great Crested Newt training events but would like to attend a couple. Would that be allowed?

Yes that’s fine.

If I did attend two events, would I be able to get a letter stating that I’ve covered everything I need to know about GCN surveying?

No because you would have missed a session and obviously not covered everything.

If food is to be provided can I be assured it’s ethically sourced, local, and organic?

No, so bring your own and then you won’t be disappointed. On the occasions that we are lucky enough to be given food we can only guarantee that it’s edible and there’ll be a mix of meat and vegetarian.

Why can’t I find Rocksavage Nature Reserve on a map?

Because it’s a private reserve that we have access to.

I only want to come on one event so can I pay for that?

No sorry, you have to be a member to attend our events and for that you need to pay the membership fee.

Other societies offer this facility so why don’t you?

Other societies charge for a single event what we charge for a year.