The CAN Library is open!

We have the following books available for the Members to borrow.

Book   Name Author
Key   to the identification of British Centipedes Barber,   AD
FSC   Guide to the Adult Caddisflies & Sedge Flies (Trichoptera) Barnard,   Peter & Ross, Emma
Land   Snails in the British Isles Cameron,   Robert
Grasses   of the British Isles Cope,   T & Gray, A
Sedges of the British Isles Jermy, AC; Chater AO & David RW
Freshwater   Life Greenhalgh,   Malcolm & Ovenden, Denys
Atlas of Amphibians of Cheshire and Wirral Harmer, Andy and Guest, Jonathan
Lichen Flora of Cheshire and Wirral Fox, Brian & Guest, Jonathan
British   Water Plants Haslam,   Sylvia; Sinker Charles & Wolseley, Pat
A   New Key to Wild Flowers Hayward,   John
Keys   to the Families of British Spiders Jones-Walters,   LM
Identification   of Common Benthic Diatoms in Rivers Kelly,   Martyn
A   Guide to the Identification of deciduous Broad-leaved Trees and Shrubs in   Winter May,   Andrew & Panter, Jonathan
The   Fern Guide – A field guide to the ferns, clubmosses, quillworts and   horsetails of the British Isles Merryweather,   James
Wildflower   Key Rose,   Francis
New   Flora of the British Isles Stace,   CA
A   key to the Families of British Bugs Unwin,   Dennis
Field   Key to the Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys of the British Isles Wheeler,   Alwyne
The Carabidae (ground beetles) of Britain and Ireland Luff, Martin
British Moths and Butterflies (1st ed) Manley, Chris
Keys to the adults of seed and leaf beetles of Britain and Ireland Hubble, david


Books can be borrowed for a 30 day period but may need to be returned earlier if required for a CAN event. Should the Member wish to renew a book, this can be done as long as no other member has reserved it. It is the responsibility of the Member to take good care of the any books they borrow and to return them to the library at the end of the loan period or when recalled for a CAN event. An appropriate charge will be made for damaged or lost books. Members wishing to borrow books will be required to complete a Loan Agreement form.

The library is held by Clive Washington; if you wish to borrow any book, please contact him by email – . The book/s will then be made available for collection at a convenient time.