Andy Harmer leads the group.

Andy Harmer led the Nature Of Industry event around the old market town of Frodsham. The day was spent looking at how industry has shaped the landscape, and the effect this has had on the local wildlife. The day took in the railway arches and down to the Frodsham cut, where two rivers combine and flow in to the mersey. The river Weaver intersects here with the Frodsham viaduct, a key example of industrialised Cheshire, and combined with the Manchester Ship Canal, provided capital to the region. The effect this has had on West Cheshire’s flora and fauna, has been immense, and Andy explained to the group the ability of wildlife to adapt to man-made structures.

Andy Harmer talks about the landscape and the post industrial habitats

One of the most unusual finds for the group was visiting Sutton, near Frodsham.  Ralph Atherton and Clive Washington just happened to mention to Andy Harmer (County Validator for Amphibians) that they’d found a newt under some driftwood whilst they were looking for beetles. Andy expressed surprise as they were on a virtual island with no ponds, only terrestrial habitat. On showing the pic to Andy, he nearly fell off his rock…  “Alpine Newt”. The group hurriedly refound the animal. This animal was found in a remote place that was around mile from any dwelling!