A flat-back millipede

Expert leader Paul Richards hopped over from Yorkshire to lead us on a day looking Millipedes and Centipedes at Etherow County Park, Compstall. The day started with an Introduction to Myriapoda using Paul’s recently published interactive key. The group discovered the differences in habitats of these creatures, as well as the remarkable diversity in terms of shapes, colour’s and sizes.

Paul shows the group some field ID skills

The afternoon session took us on a walk to the local woodland edge, to life stumps, rocks and logs to sweep up specimens for identification in the field, where possible, and further microscope work back at the Boathouse. Amongst the finds we had the common white-legged millipede Tachypodoiulus niger, as well as the Polydesmus angustus, the flat-backed millipede often found in your garden.

CAN wishes to thank Paul Richards for the event. A great time was had by all.