I must admit that I’m a little uneasy regarding any spy cam type set up in case the subject ends up being a person or people (having their civil liberties compromised as well as other things) rather than wildlife but as I had considered a Phragmites reedbed pretty private I decided to put a spy cam in there for a few hours this afternoon. As you can see in the picture below, the spycam is a tiny easily concealable gadget but it eats batteries so maybe I’ll have to rig up something bigger.

I was quite excited up when I got home and ran through the series of images each taken at a ten second interval. A few birds were recorded but the best for me by far was the appearance of the elsusive Water Rail; I’ve been there a lot recently and not once have I heard this bird sharming (a pig like squeal) so I would never have this record if not for the spycam.