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Natterjack Toads at Red Rocks

Natterjack Toad. (Photo: Andy Harmer)

Despite Natterjack Toads not being seen or heard for three years at their only known Cheshire location, CAN member David Orchard reports hundreds of tadpoles that he observed this summer there and this was following reliable reports from Wirral Rangers and volunteers of calling males this spring.

Great Crested Newt License Event (2011)

The first two GCN events were held over the bank holiday weekend and went swimmingly. Twenty seven keen cannies turned up and braved the glorious sunshine and moonshine to learn about the various methodologies involved in surveying for the county’s second commonest newt. They then had their chance to put their skills into practise by bottle trapping, torching and egg searching. All three species of newt were available for close inspection before being released into the night.  After the four hour evening session the attendees returned in the morning to retieve their bottle traps and contents followed by a talk by Rachel on current legislation.  The next session in August will cover GCN larval identification and a look at what the GCN shares the pond with.

CAN Members enjoying the GCN event

Two newts in Anthony’s trap

Chytrid Testing

CAN members were active this weekend swabbing 30 amphibians at Rocksavage to help with the current chytrid testing across the UK. After putting out around seventy five bottle traps, a haul of around 45 newts were taken; both asker and daddy askers were taken a.k.a. Smooth, Palmate and Warty Newt (Great Crested).  Swabs dispatched to Freya Smith at the Institute of Zoology who should be getting pretty swamped by now. 

Swabbing a Great Crested Newt

Showing Gail a newt

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