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Spring On Hold

Two weeks ago Cheshire was ready for the spring awakening; frogspawn had arrived, newt eggs had been found, songbirds were throbbing their sweet melodies and even reports of common pipistrelle bats leaving their roosts to go roaming in the gloaming had reached the welcome ears of naturalists, but alas, winter has arrived again and reminded us all that erratic weather patterns may be a regular feature to our lives now.  Time, and maybe just a short time, will reveal what impacts this instability to our seasons will have on wildlife.


Chytrid Testing

CAN members were active this weekend swabbing 30 amphibians at Rocksavage to help with the current chytrid testing across the UK. After putting out around seventy five bottle traps, a haul of around 45 newts were taken; both asker and daddy askers were taken a.k.a. Smooth, Palmate and Warty Newt (Great Crested).  Swabs dispatched to Freya Smith at the Institute of Zoology who should be getting pretty swamped by now. 

Swabbing a Great Crested Newt

Showing Gail a newt

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