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Fear No Weevil

When dawn broke on the day of the CAN Weevil Workshop the weather threatened a miserable time but as the event got underway the clouds parted and the sun shone, enough to make leader Professor Clive Washington so giddy that he abandoned his powerpoint presentation and dragged us all onto Rocksavage Nature Reserve armed with beaters, suckers, and nets.  Time flew as we reverted to our childhood tendencies, getting muddy knees crawling through the vegetation hunting these insect gems, halting only momentarily for Clive to put a name to the beast and give us an insight into their ecology.

Back in the classroom the attendees learnt about methods of collecting and setting, physiology, taxonomy, ecology and even miscellaneous titbits that only people like Clive has rattling around in his memory bank such as how the graticule actually works and why certain chemicals bugger up your specimens.

After lunch, so kindly provided by Rocksavage Power Plant, the group finished off the day by working through keys and metaphorically popping a few corks after succesfully putting the right names to the specimens provided.  A big thanks to Michael Morris for allowing us a sneak preview of his soon to be published ‘True Weevils Pt. III’.

Weevil Hunting

Hey Sucker

CAN Chairman Clive Washington was very excited about a new gizmo that he’d apparently created from sabotaging a leaf blower,  now designed to suck than blow. When Clive disappeared for two hours some members of CAN were worried that his invention had failed big-time and Clive, in his shame had turned the giant sucker on himself only to be stuck head first into into the fan with his feet sticking out of the tube.  There was nothing further from the truth, the invention had been a massive success and Clive had simply been overworked dealing with the haul of inverts.   Watch this space for more info on Clive’s Industrial sucker.

We can only guess….

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